Say It!—A Christian Hack for Living Better

If you are Christian…

Say it aloud. Say that you have been lifted out of poverty because you have. Say that you have been lifted out of debt; out of defeat; out of bondage and disease. Say it!

If you don’t say it, you won’t see it. Say that the Lord is your wisdom and your sanctification and your redemption and your righteousness.

Refuse to observe lying vanities by keeping mute. Refuse to shudder at the petering bank statements and demand letters, that give a contrary narrative of who you are.

Hold fast to your proclamations for you also have to exercise patience after you have done the will of God.


What Problems Am I Solving?

Every day, I see people–great, loving, wonderful human beings-struggle financially; live from paycheck to paycheck; stay glued to cul de sac jobs where they work at for decades. Sometimes, these folks are just unable to find work  because the job market is tight. What’s true though is  that being Mr. Nice Guy doesn’t pay bills.

Money only comes to people who are -in one way or the other- solving problems. Every job on earth is designed to solve a problem or set of problems in exchange for money. 

I find that making money is often the primary or sole motivation for many people, but it never satisfies like if actually aligning yourself to fix a problem would. 

A person of faith, realizing how important motivations are, cannot be downplayed because with the right ones, anybody can become an enterprise that meets  a need, employs others and takes in profits by the millions.

So what are the motivations that can help you solve problems and change your earn ability forever?


Love can. The Bible is a book that teaches humans beings to love God, love themselves on the basis of their love for God and then, love their neighbour as they love themselves. It means that if I love my neighbour as I love myself, I am immediately a problem solver. Part of the being a human being is self-preservation. And this attribute, parlayed into the biblical teaching on love can help  you create products and services that people around you need to live better. In essence, all wealth is created by love for others, because loving is giving, solving problems and helping to preserve others, even at the prospect of getting paid.


Hope is expectation. And several times, all through the Bible, it teaches how having hope can be important. The Bible teaches us to expect profit from all labor. It teaches that the expectation of the righteous including, solving problems in exchange for profits, can not be cut off; the God’s plan for us is to give us an expected end of good. Hope means that success is guaranteed me no matter the business I choose to engage in.


Faith is taking action based on the hope of success. It is the confident assurance that you believe the guarantee of success that the Bible gives to believers. You start that food business or any other business with the expectation to succeed. Faith is the cherry on the top. It is actualizing the motivations of hope and love. 

As you re-fire and relaunch  out this final half of the year, it is important that you let love, hope and faith drive you to solve problems and create value for others. 

Let the drive to help others, not the quest for money underpin your business venturing. 

If you are finding it difficult to get a job, make one. Your destiny is in your grasp. It is my firm belief that God created you to solve a problem in this world so step up and be counted.

Maybe you can cook, clean, audit, plan or manage money well. Remember this: 

You are the answer to someone’s cry; the solution to someone’s problems.

What you need to do now is get a sheet of paper and write on the top of that page this question:

What problems am I solving? 

From that point, start attempting to answer this question with as many thoughts that come to mind by writing down the things you are good at. Reread the three Bible motivations for solving problems and let it drive you to start a business or reorganize the one you already have.

May the rest of the year turn out in your favour.

Naivety Is A Liability

‪Never interpret life the way you are. The fact that you are good or noble doesn’t mean that everybody is like you.‬ It’s a fierce world out there and people who are naive are often used and dumped before they even realize it. 

I find that people constantly look at others from the same mirror they see themselves. Crooked people think everyone is crooked. Kind people think everybody should be kind. Manipulative people think people are manipulative and so on. Wrong! We aren’t at all the same as the other person. In fact, wisdom presupposes the opposite. Study people and learn how they respond in difficult moments and you’d tell what manner of people they are. There is a lot a man can hide when the conditions are fine but wait until the times of adversity and it won’t be long before their real selves show up, if you get what I mean.

Wisdom is the only way to navigate your way in this world. And until you grasp it, people will most likely use you to accomplish their own ends long before you realize it–assuming you are good-natured.

Read books, listen to podcasts, have something you are learning each week. I find that life doesn’t regard personal deficits in knowledge. Build your person strong with information that is relevant to you and your advance. And be aware of the type of people you have around you.

Naivety is a liability.

5 Aspects of Mastery

Over the first few weeks of this year, I spent a lot of time studying self-mastery. My findings have been very instructive. What I have come to realize is that self-mastery is very achievable when you master certain body parts alongside your mind.

1. Your tongue: The management of your tongue is probably the most important organ you must master. A man’s worth is in his words. Words like clothes either dress you up for success or dress you down for failure. Mastering your tongue this year could be very helpful.

2. Your eyes: Mastering your eyes will keep you from basing your decisions on them. The eyes can be very misleading particularly, because things are really never as the seem. Men lust after women with it. Women lust after stuff too; sometimes buying things they don’t need.

3. Your appetite: Food will control you if you let it. Food is where some people struggle. It is the reason obesity is on the rise across the world. Mastering your appetite could mean fasting, or just being able to tell yourself no in the face of tempting food. Whatever it is, own your appetite.

4. Your emotions: Anger, affection and sadness directed at the wrong people will ruin you. Mastering emotions of anger could save you from murder; mastering affection could save you from infidelity and mastering sadness could save you from yourself. Emotions are a lie when it comes to making rational decisions. Be weary of them

5. Your mind: The mind is like a sponge; soaking up everything from the good to the bad and ugly. Mastering what enters your mind can be tricky. But once you learn it’s capacity, you will get a hang of it. Your mind can soak up everything and anything it comes in contact with, which is why mastering it can mean vetting the materials you present it with.

Self-mastery is the greatest gift a person can give himself/herself …and it is achievable.

Your Mind

Your mind is everything. Change your mind, change your life.

You see, I can’t say this in a way that is more cryptic, but no matter where you are in life, whether you are rich, poor, content, edgy, dissatisfied or recluse, the structure of your mind plays a very fundamental part. 

It is your God-given chooser, feeler, thinker and data storage device. Every value you will ever give to or take from this world will based on the functioning of your mind.

And this is where this post pulls together. Your mind is yours but it can run you. It can run you aground if you do not take charge of it and it can do the exact opposite if you do. If you do not manage your mind, it will manage you and nothing left unmanaged ever turns out right.

Learn to choose your thoughts well and it will influence how you feel, form the habits you keep and literally determine how well you do in life.

Your mind is everything. Be intentional about managing your mind. 

Your Productivity Is In Your Self-Motivation 

No one is truly lazy. The lazy man or woman is a person that lacks motivation. They stay in bed all day, wallow in self-pity about how no one is willing to help them, and for the lack of something that makes them get out of bed and into the fray called life, idleness becomes their life’s tale.

Motivation is very important if you want to be anything or anyone in this life. And self-motivation is even more important.

Today, I am touch to share something from the Bible that bothers on the value of being self-motivated:

“Go to the ant, you lazy person; observe its ways and grow wise. The ant has no commander, officer, or ruler. Even so, it gets its food in summer; gathers its provisions at harvest. How long, lazy person, will you lie down? When will you rise from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the arms to lie down— and poverty will come on you like a prowler, destitution like a warrior.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭6:6-11‬ ‭CEB

Self-motivation is a duty you owe yourself. You just cannot afford to be casual about getting and staying motivated in your life. I mean, who suffers by your inaction? Does your self-worth get undermined by it? Do you really appreciate the outcomes of expecting nothing out of life? It isn’t that you are a lerthagic or lazy person, it’s just that you haven’t done enough in the area of being self-motivated.

My advice to you today is: Do anything and pay any price  to get  and stay motivated because your productivity is in your self-motivation.

Make New Habits

The life you want for yourself is attainable. But it must start with your commitment. 

Motivational speaker, Eric Thomas would often say at the start of his YouTube videos that ‘until you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you will never be successful.’ Very true!

But before you jump into some kind of frenzy about how you need to change your life radically, know that all personal changes start with the formation of new habits.

A habit as you know is an action you repeat with some effort at the beginning that ends up becoming second-nature in the end.

So here’s a question to ask yourself: What new goal do you want to achieve in your life? Write it down.

Another question you need to ask is: What new habits do you need to form to achieve the goals you want to achieve?

You see, habits are the vehicles that convey us to our goals and dreams, whatever they are. 

The import of this is very simple: When we set new goals, we need to accompany them with new sets of habits. For instance, if becoming financially free in the future is your goal, you should now have habits that set aside money from your regular income to invest for that future. I mean, buying stocks, angel investing or buying assets that can give you compounded returns should be a habit by now. 

 Or, if losing 50 pounds is your goal, walking a few miles should be something of a habit to you right now. 

Whatever you want to achieve this year will depend on the habits you make. And see, if your New Year’s resolution is anything you really want to make come true, then this is the simple shift you have to make…Make new habits.