Success is planned!



Success is planned!

Nothing in life happens by accident.

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Your Gut



It will never lie to you
You can trust it to be true

When they look at you
In a way that makes you feel like a fool
You can be sure you must avoid them

When she says something
And you get this rumble deep down
Take it seriously

When you hear the call in your heart
That you are the answer
To the cries of millions

Your gut will make you, YOU
It is where that daydream comes from
The part of you that knows the way.

Your gut!


Renew Your Mind


You mind is your greatest asset. At least, that’s what I have heard the pundits say over and over. But if you are Christian, your mind is your biggest assignment because for you, it is the limit of your awareness of God;it is the boundary of your awareness  of what’s possible when you believe.

Your mind is your greatest potential. Your thoughts are the doorway to your reality. What more can you use to shape your mind  other than the very word that created this world. If God could used it to create this world in six days, imagine how you can use it to create the balance, the prosperity, the change and the health you so desperately need in your life right now.

Your mind is the secret. You are being held back or propelled by it. Saying that you were born this or that way is a mind thing. If you change your mind with God’s word, you can change anything-your disability; your sexuality; your bank account; your contribution; your marriage…your life.

Do Romans 12:2. Renew your mind.

The End of Suffering


It is unfortunate how some people go through life year in, year out—suffering. The resignation that overcomes their daily existence is extraordinary. Suicide has been the only evil they haven’t yet fully contemplated because someone said, ‘where there is life, there is hope’.  If this has been you for a long time, and you somehow still believe that your life can change, this blog is confirmation that it can. And all you need, you already have. So permit me to ask you a few questions;

What can you see?

I mean, what can you see yourself become with your mind’s eye? God gave you your imagination to create your own future. What you have today were the things you imagined –whether you agree with this or not. Your current existence was designed in your mind. To change it, you have got to see a new future with your mind.

What curse are you living under?

Suffering is most often self-inflicted. Maybe someone told you you’d be a failure in life, and YOU believed her. Or they said you’d never amount to anything much, and YOU believed them.  It was you who added fuel to the fire—you! You accepted the curse, made it a self-limiting belief and now you are living it out. And only you can end the power of that curse over your life by withdrawing the belief you put in it all these years. Be done with anything that puts you in a box.

What are your common talking points?

Life only gives you what you demand and not a penny more.  Singer Frank Edwards was so right when he said, ‘what you say is what you get, so say the right things all the time. Listen to yourself when you talk and catch yourself. Suffering is the fruit of cheap, negative talk. Your talk is your postcode in life. Suffering people talk fear, bills, inability and poverty; which is why they have these things in abundance. Change your talk and change your life. It doesn’t matter if you are reading this by accident on someone’s device, change your talk. Say that you are worthy. Say that you can.  Make up your mind that you will NEVER again tell yourself, ‘I can’t’; or ‘it is impossible’ or any other self-limiting words. Talk yourself out of the suffering.

Who do you trust?

Do you trust God? Suffering people don’t and their circumstances are most times, the proof. You have trusted men and they have failed you because that is who they are. God says, trust in the Lord with all your might and lean not to your own understanding; in all your ways, acknowledge Me and I shall direct your paths. This is not about religion, God did not design you suffer or fail. You are created in his image and likeness and suffering is not consistent with your design.

Notice, I didn’t blog about money or people or any external stuff. The struggle is in your mind and if you can grapple with the questions I have asked, your suffering can be over as soon as you’re done reading this.