Say It!—A Christian Hack for Living Better

If you are Christian…

Say it aloud. Say that you have been lifted out of poverty because you have. Say that you have been lifted out of debt; out of defeat; out of bondage and disease. Say it!

If you don’t say it, you won’t see it. Say that the Lord is your wisdom and your sanctification and your redemption and your righteousness.

Refuse to observe lying vanities by keeping mute. Refuse to shudder at the petering bank statements and demand letters, that give a contrary narrative of who you are.

Hold fast to your proclamations for you also have to exercise patience after you have done the will of God.


Be Strong-A Prophecy

I am with you saith the Lord
I am with you, not as I was with Moses but as I was with Joseph to give you favour and mercy. Be strong and very courageous. Be strong, don’t let anything distract you from my Word. Be strong, don’t let the winds, question your foundation but be grounded in my Word for these are trying times in the world.

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