We are Our Thoughts

There is a way to think that is powerful.

The Bible says, ‘As a person thinks, so is he or she’.* Therefore, we are our thoughts.

However, science shows that human beings have an average of 15,000 thoughts per day. Passive thoughts that just come and go. These passive thoughts can become so entrenched that they determine our habits and eventually run our lives. This is not God’s idea.

God’s idea is for us to think actively. To dominate and determine the thoughts we have. To think purposefully. **

In the end, thinking must be active, not passive for us. You must decide how you think. Instead of letting your mind wander from one thought to the other, decide to think rich, think healthy and think like a you have a large inheritance because the Bible says you do.

If you catch yourself thinking passively today, stop and think with intent.

We are our thoughts.

*Proverbs 23:7

**Philippians 4:8


The Three Ways To Preserve Wealth for Coming Generations

The most numbing thing people– who through diligence and hard work create a fortune–have to face is the prospect of losing it all in the same lifetime. It’s not enough to make a lot to money in this world, the more biblical thing to do is to preserve it for the use of generations that will come after you if Christ continues to tarry. 

There is a scripture that qualifies a good person as having left an inheritance to his children and grandchildren. However, it’s no longer sufficient to leave an inheritance in a bank account these days where inflation or currency devaluations may erode them. As the world economy continues to be tethered to collapse, you are better off leaving your wealth outside the global financial system.

So here are three universal ways to preserve your wealth  

  1. Buy Land
  2. Buy Gold
  3. Buy Art

Keep a third of the wealth you want to pass on to your children in land. Keep another third in gold. Then, keep the final third in collectible art. Lastly, take out an insurance policy on these items to protect them from theft or damage.

This way, you can truly preserve wealth like families who have had wealth in their bloodline for generations. One popular family in Italy, the Orsini family have had their wealth passed from one generation to the other for 900 years and this is how they did it.

Think a third, a third and a third while planning your estate and you are unlikely to go wrong.

Confess the Word

Confess yourself out of depression; out of debt; out of deprivation and scarcity. With the Word of God on your lips, you can reframe your entire existence . Trust me, God has been waiting on you to live the good life and this life starts with your confessions of His Word. I see new levels for you over the next 30, 60 and 90 days.

And please, don’t bother that the change isn’t taking immediate effect in some cases, just keep at it. Your confessions are releasing the wisdom and power of God over the matter; the most potent forces in the universe.

Have a beautiful day!

Look for Your Mentees

No vision can be fulfilled during the lifetime of a visionary which is why identifying successors should form a pivotal aspect of executing your vision. From Bible evidence, it must be God’s idea, even in the family, for parents to mentor their children in the carriage of the family legacy.

As John C. Maxwell noted, ‘No one is ever successful without successors. ‘ And no matter what you currently do, there are people on our journey that ought to be your mentees.

But in Africa, leaders often do not take the time to look out mentees, let alone train them. And when they do mentor it’s often not with the right motives. Poor succession planning is the number one reason why African businesses rarely last three generations.

Looking actively for mentees is the sole responsibility of leadership and not vice versa. Jesus, the ultimate leader, went after his mentees; picking a vast array of men and women from all works of life to be his apprentices.

The Bible is strewn with this idea from Jacob the patriarch to David the king, strengthening my belief that it is God’s will for leaders to train and appoint their successors, and not leave it to chance.

If you have achieved any level of success in life, maybe it’s time to start passing the baton of your vision by deliberately picking out someone to mentor. That’s the secret to great leadership.

As Dr. Myles Munroe said, ‘To become a great leader you must be able to mentor leaders that are greater than yourself.’

Sex, Marriage and Infidelity

There is no such thing as premarital sex or sex before marriage. To have sex with any person is to marry that person.

This idea strengthens the notion of common-law marriage in which cohabitation is deemed a legal marriage in some parts. It is also the reason why some cultures fail to recognize a marriage as valid until it has been consummated via sexual intercourse.

Simply put, sex equals marriage. Even the good book says that to sleep with anyone is to become one flesh with them.

Now think about all the harm that fornication and adultery do in this world. If God created the sexual union called marriage to be manifestation of His image, imagine how He must feel each time His child indulges in sexual sin.

The good book says, God created man in His image, male and female. And for this reason, a man shall leave father and mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.

When a person cheats on a spouse, it isn’t just a stepping out of marriage for pleasure , revenge or whatever excuse there might be; it is the creation of a monstrosity that mocks the image of God.

Fidelity in marriage projects the image of God to the world in such a way that no other human relationships. As Ravi Zacharias puts it, ‘Marriage is the most sacred relationship you could ever enter into.’ Infidelity is therefore a distortion of the image of God as it regards God’s original intention for husband and wife.

The Purpose of Problems

‘When purpose is unknown,’ Dr. Myles Munroe once wrote, ‘abuse is inevitable’. Understanding the purpose of things is therefore a crucial part of living effectively. From time to time, when things break down around or in our lives, the poignant response of going back to the basics to figure out where things began to go wrong should be banal.

But we often don’t go back to the source. Something about humans skirt around problems particularly when these problems aren’t problematic enough. And this is where I think we miss the purpose of problems.

The purpose of problems is to refine us through connections; whether by connecting with God, others or our inner selves. Once we can reach God, other people or the inside of ourselves for a solution, we cross the boundaries of the mundane into the land of our destiny.

God said, ‘ …it is not good for man to be alone.’ And while being alone is a state of being it is never to be misconstrued with the feeling of loneliness. There is nothing abnormal with being alone only God says, it isn’t good. Loneliness on the other hand is not normal. You can be alone and still be productive but nothing good can come out of loneliness. So when God uses the word alone, He was referring to the problem solving nature of humans. We solve problems by connecting to community.

Problems were designed to remind us that we are connecting beings; that every time we have a situation, we ought to look beyond ourselves.

Connecting is also the purpose of marriage, starting a business and attending church. We participate in community to solve problems. And like I said earlier, that’s the secret to destiny.

God didn’t say, ‘Let me make man in my image.’ He said, ‘Let us…in our…’

If indeed man (male and female) is the image of God, and rightly so, why then do you want to do things by yourself?

God who designed man said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone, I will make him (or her) a help suitable. And He went on to fashion husbands and wives; send the Holy Spirit, and even sits as our advocate making intercessions. We always have help in times of problems only we don’t look to them when we should. And that’s why problems linger until we do.