Thank You But Be You

Every birthday is a time to be thankful; thankful to God for life, family and the work. It’s a time to celebrate. And here’s why. Because the joy of the Lord is our strength. Continue reading “Thank You But Be You”


POOR- Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

Several years ago…in fact the very first time I recognized God speak to me, part of what He said that day was:

The greatest resource in the world is people. Invest in people.

The people around us–wherever we find ourselves– are our opportunity. And how you take this statement can draw a line to demarcate what side of the divide you fall into–whether you are rich…or poor.

A great preacher once said that the secret of success is to find a human need and reach out to meet it. Success is not in the vaults of a central bank or in the deep recesses of the earth where oil and other minerals are dredged. Success is with people; lodged in their needs.

Think about it, people around you need capital; need food; need housing or a place to do business. They need groceries, water, a place to workout…or someone to teach them a skill. And maybe you are the person to meet their need if you’d just take a deeper look at them when you pass by in traffic, at work or in your neighborhood.

When next you pass by someone, catch yourself and look him or her in the eye. See the opportunity if you can and if you can’t, just salute the divinity in that person and move on. But never pass over people as if they are nothing because to do so, is to settle yourself behind the divide of that line that reads POOR.

Poverty is not the absence of money but the absence of ability-the ability to recognize opportunities.

Little wonder someone came up with a meaning for the acronym, P-O-O-R to be Passing Over Opportunities-Repeatedly.

Change Your Social Orbit

Your social orbit says a lot about where you are headed in life. ‘Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,’ goes the saying about how associations underpin identity. 

I heard a story this morning that drove home the need to constantly upgrade quality of people we associate with. 

Pa Joseph Kennedy, a leader in the Irish American community of his day, one-time US Ambassador to Great Britain and father to three of America’s iconic political leaders, John Fitzgerald, Robert Francis and Edward Moore was in the habit of hosting world leaders at his home and allowing his children-from a very young age-interact with these highly influential people. And though it may seem that the Kennedys were  the most influential political family of their time, it didn’t happen by accident. 

Think about it, the three Kennedy boys help offices between themselves as House Representative, Senator, US Attorney General and the President of the United States of America. Pa Kennedy’s diligence at managing the social orbit of his children played a huge role in the maverick political contributions of his sons to the free world; from putting a man on the moon to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that enabled black Americans the right to vote.

If for the Kennedys managing their social orbit was the secret, it can be yours too. Forget about the past and live like you have a bright future ahead of you, because you do.  And the best way to live your life with zest and power is to associate with people of zest and power. 

You are in the wrong company of friends if you are the smartest, wealthiest or most influential. The way upwards is to band with people that stretch you; who in some way, can teach you to do better. 

Friend, if your identity is tied to your social orbit and you are now seeking to reinvent yourself, your business or career, then it begs to say that only one thing is needful:

Change your social orbit

Speak Positively

65 percent of your body is made up of water. And how this connects with the power of words comes into full glare if you consider the work of Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto.

Simply put, Emoto would expose glasses of water to different words, pictures or music, and then freeze the glasses. He would then proceed to examine the aesthetic properties of the resulting frozen crystals using microscopic photography. 

His findings were that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts would result in beautiful crystal formations while water exposed to negative words became mangled and ugly once frozen.

And while Emoto’s work was heavily criticized for not having sufficient experimental controls, you know that positive words lift, while negative words used on you, put down.

65 percent of your body’s composition is water. Speak positively.

Be More!


If you have failed in life, you aren’t the only one. We all have-in some way.

You cannot  like most people-who allow the excuses of trying and failing once, let it be your alibi for living a life less than what you deserve.

People who make excuses end up with nothing.And in a sense, it’s because they have given up on themselves. But don’t give up. Your destiny is your choice. You choose what outcomes you have in life.

To go in a certain direction; to live life on your terms, you’ve got to become more. And to become more, you’ve got to believe in your gifts, your opportunities and your abilities.

Be Decisive

You’ve  got to make a decision to be SOMEBODY because you are. Know that decisions are much easier when made.  And don’t be mistaken, you will suck at some of your decisions at first but it’s not enough to wind up and conclude you aren’t anything. Settle it in your mind that some things you are called to do will be difficult.

Shut Out The Naysayers

Next, take your life back by shutting out the naysayers no matter who they are in your life. Get around be people that stretch and challenge you. Never forget it; a word of encouragement is worth more than a thousand words of criticism.

Practice Positive Self-Talk

Lastly, practice self- talk…positive self-talk. Become your own fan. Permit yourself to be powerful, beautiful, eloquent… desirable. Words are amplifiers—and I will share about this in the coming week.

But this week, talk success and permit yourself to be successful.

Don’t Punch Yourself In The Face


Very often I hear people discredit themselves based on where they are in life in comparison to the achievements of others. Now, don’t get me wrong, competition—healthy competition—is good. It is a good thing to look out at what others are accomplishing mindful of the fact that each of us is one of a kind. And irrespective of your lack of experience or credentials, if that’s your case, you were put here for something extraordinary.

So don’t discredit yourself, thinking you are nobody. Think about the positive aspects of your life; the important people whose attention you command; the relationships you have; the gifting you have been blessed with and those things you do so effortlessly.

There is a higher purpose to your life that way more that chasing after stuff; fancy cars, a nice house and money in the bank. If you really think introspectively, you’d realise that you were born in some way, to change the world; to push the limits of something that now is and has been in place for a while. And even if it isn’t a change-the- whole-world calling that you have, you are here to change someone’s world. It is this intuitive flame in you that you must not douse with self-doubt.

I like to end this piece with a conversation from a favourite movie of mine, The Great Debaters, between debate-coach Melvin B. Tolson (played by Denzel Washington) and his student, Hamilton Burgess (played by Jermain Williams):

Mr. Tolson trying to correct Hamilton’s self-bashing asked, ‘Would you punch yourself in a street fight, Mr. Burgess?’

‘No sir,’ the young man replied.

‘Then don’t punch yourself in a word fight.’ Melvin blurted, ‘You don’t have to make fun of yourself. Use your humor against your opponent.’

So my final thoughts to you would be: Be challenged by others. Work on becoming, not on having and please, never punch yourself in the face.