2018: Information vs Knowledge [Must Read]

Information and knowledge have never been the same thing, even though I don’t know why we approach their acquisition alike. Perhaps, the education system is responsible for this gaffe. We sit down in class, church or seminars and just soak in the information without learning anything. And then wonder why we’re the same every year.

Information is passive. You listen. And many times than not, we listen for the sake of listening. And if we find subject boring, we simply shut it out and move on to the next activity, easy and simple.

Knowledge on the other hand, is active. You have to do to know. And I know this sounds contrived but this is the secret of the ages. It is why all the sermons you heard or the books you read made very little difference.To you, they were just information and not knowledge; a collection of stories to listen to and forget afterwards. You took no notes. You could rehearse the information from the notes you had taken and so you learnt nothing.

In 2018, go everywhere with a notepad and a camera. Be ready to capture new things coming to you as information. Knowledge is first acquired by taking notes. And then, acting on the information you got.

The moment you commit pen to paper something happens in your subconscious that triggers actual learning to take place. This is the background that all teachers of goal setting do not really mention. It is why a goal committed to paper in your own handwriting is ten times more likely to be achieved than a goal that stays a mental note.

If this is the only hack you apply in 2018, I think it would go a very long way in helping you become a better person.

After all, the Chinese say, ‘the palest ink is better than the best memory.’ While the former focuses on knowledge, the latter surrenders to being informed.


Focus On Jesus

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Hebrews 12:2)

What you focus on expands in influence in your life. If you focus on money, you’ll increase in wealth. If you focus on your body, you’ll be in shape. But why not just focus focus on one thing or person who could bring everything that’s important into your life?

You know the translation from the original Greek of Hebrew 12:2 can be rendered thus:

Looking away…unto Jesus…

‘Looking away from what…?’ you might ask.

From everything dearly beloved. Look away from getting by. Look away from your personal advantage, look away from the news on TV and just look at Jesus.

He can give you everything you’ll ever need in this life because he owns everything.

The Bible says by Jesus everything consists. (Colossians 1:17)

Focus on Jesus by studying the Bible and fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit. Listen to teaching from the Bible.

Little wonder he said that things like seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added unto you.(Matthew 6:33)

We were always One

Everything in God finds its fullest expression in unity. We were always One. God ordained marriage for full expression, made Jesus die so that man could have full expression and even sent the Holy Spirit to provide us with the opportunity for full expression.

Full expression means God’s design. It is what you were made to do and be.

We were created to be interdependent and your fullest expression no matter where you are in life can only happen when you are connected to the other parts that God designed for destiny.

Your full expression was designed for fruitfulness and if you have been experiencing any sort of barrenness, it’s because you are disconnected from someone that should be in your life right now. It may be the Holy Spirit or a friend or your spouse.

Connecting starts in your heart and until it happens, there can be no going forward. Think about this and ask the Lord to show you the connections you need to make.

God bless you!

A Drivel for Writers

The moment I lost my desire for fame and money, writing actually regained its meaning to me. I reclaimed my mantra which simply states, that ‘On writing, there are no rules.’ Forget about all the ‘six steps to better writing’ tips or the ‘how to be a writer’ articles that tickle your fancy from time to time because writing can be as dynamic and there are people–and still be Pulitzer award winning stuff. 

So remember, there are no rules even though, some things stay true; like characters and situational plots; reading avidly and using what you read to find your own voice.
On reading, it is certain to note that you cannot become a writer, talkless of a good one without copious reading. It’s almost as though the maestros have their say in who succeeds and who doesn’t as JRR Tolkien does in the works of GRR Martin or as Achebe in Adichie. The writer is a protege of sorts; a reincarnation of some scribbler past. This, otherwise, he is nothing.

To become a good writer you must live life on the edge, they say; take risks; meet people; travel and read as much as you can. Read everything from spiritual scripts to lame poetry. Somewhere in all of it, you will hear your own voice. It will bleed out of you; in the bathroom; on the road and sometimes, at your desk, looking at the screen right in front of you as you plod the keypads.

Maybe to you, I have listed a bunch of rules while telling you there are no rules to writing. There is one rule: Write everyday. If you ever wonder how some people come up with five hundred thousand words, this is how.

And please, writer’s block is not such a problem. It happens to the best of writers. But wait a minute, isn’t it an excuse we tell ourselves because there is nothing eventful to write about. Make an event of everything. Like the one about your eyes following these words as I come to a final full stop. 

Drivel if you must but remember, there are no rules to great writing–only one. We only know it to be good or great when we read it. So write it.

Marriage is Transparency

If you have anything to hide from your spouse, you both are still single. Yes, marriage happens when the two of you can stand naked before each, without fascades. I mean, no make-up, no hidden passcodes, no secret bank accounts, no ‘Christianese’…just you. 

I am peeved by people referring to the one they married as their partner. Marriage is not a partnership. A partnership is an arrangement of two or more individuals to pursue a common purpose. Now many married people are indeed partners. They have come together for the purpose of having guilt-free sex, forging a companionship and raising children. The idea that marriages are partnerships is the very reason why divorce will continue to rise. You see, partnership are dissoluble  when the purpose of the partnership becomes doubtful. 

Marriage is essentially a union; a fusion of two spirits, two souls and two bodies.  It’s not a ‘you and I’ relationship. ‘You and I’ died the day both of you got married. Usages like ‘yours’ and ‘mine’ also ceased to exist the day you said ‘I do’. ‘You’, ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, ‘mine’, ‘yours’ became ‘we, us and ours.

Marriage is a fusion, like Coke and Fanta mixed in a cup. Each flavor savoured together, and none exclusive of the other. Naked and unashamed by how they modify each other. The two are one.

It must therefore be that marriage is a call to transparency; owning the truth that you are your spouse and your spouse is you. In part, yes. Your spouse isn’t complete except with you. It why you must protect, keep and guard your spouse like you would your life. 

And if you somehow cannot commit to this level of transparency, then maybe it’s not for you. The very reason why a marriage should never be contracted in a rush. 

Many marriages are no marriages at all, just single people playing games. And just in case, you are hiding something or anything from your spouse, I am talking about you. Isn’t it time you truly got married to him or her?

Marriage is transparency.

What Many Men Modernism Hath Killed

Many a man modernism hath killed.The Hitlers, the Hoovers and then, the Vanderbilts. Men of power; men of grace; men of fame. Attempting to live forever, their eyes staring starkly at their legacies.
Many great men modernism hath killed.The Guevaras, the Gräfenbergs and of course, Hemingway. Men earnestly plodding through this winding world wandering; mostly floundering forward with no way.

Only had they their existence with a true centre. Then their worlds wouldn’t have so quickly been shattered. 

Sheltered living. Yes…in the shadows of a much bigger man. I should think it was probably how men were supposed to live. 

Of a truth, many men modernism hath killed. Men professing wisdom foolishly; like a shirt misbuttoned. Free men trying so hard to be free in their own minds, taking upon themselves the drudgery of ‘trying to be’ when they already were. Ailing men, looking to find themselves, who knew not of the one thing needful: 

Yeshua, a man from a small town called, Nazareth and his indistinct claim to be God.

Indistint is too easy, like a target you could never miss. But man, scarred by his need not to feel lost; to be in control and by his undying love for novelty, is tripped by the low bar. What men modernism hath killed? A sea of tombstones, walking…but dead.

POOR- Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly

Several years ago…in fact the very first time I recognized God speak to me, part of what He said that day was:

The greatest resource in the world is people. Invest in people.

The people around us–wherever we find ourselves– are our opportunity. And how you take this statement can draw a line to demarcate what side of the divide you fall into–whether you are rich…or poor.

A great preacher once said that the secret of success is to find a human need and reach out to meet it. Success is not in the vaults of a central bank or in the deep recesses of the earth where oil and other minerals are dredged. Success is with people; lodged in their needs.

Think about it, people around you need capital; need food; need housing or a place to do business. They need groceries, water, a place to workout…or someone to teach them a skill. And maybe you are the person to meet their need if you’d just take a deeper look at them when you pass by in traffic, at work or in your neighborhood.

When next you pass by someone, catch yourself and look him or her in the eye. See the opportunity if you can and if you can’t, just salute the divinity in that person and move on. But never pass over people as if they are nothing because to do so, is to settle yourself behind the divide of that line that reads POOR.

Poverty is not the absence of money but the absence of ability-the ability to recognize opportunities.

Little wonder someone came up with a meaning for the acronym, P-O-O-R to be Passing Over Opportunities-Repeatedly.