How To Heal A Broken Heart

Nothing hurts like a broken heart. In fact, heartbreak can be as injurious to your mental health as it can the body. 

In addition, we internalize society’s expectations about getting over heartbreak such that it makes things even worse.  When the pain emanates from the loss of a spouse or child, society is more empathetic. It may even give us enough time to grieve. However, when the cause of the pain is a breakup with a spouse or partner, it expects you to get over the breakup pretty quickly. Internalizing this societal expectations worsen the pain and almost make people doubt themselves, particularly as it bothers on their mental health. Rather than ventilate their pain, they keep to themselves, reinforcing damaging beliefs about their self-worth that have arising out of the rejection of a lover. 

For heartbreaks caused by a relationship breakups, the reasons given by  a partner for ending the relationship may also exercebate the pain. It may be so banal that it feels like there’s more. Maybe s/he told you s/he is no longer  in love with you. Maybe they found someone else. Or maybe they aren’t getting what they want from you. Don’t internalize their reasons and make yourself the reason for the breakup as this could be damaging to your psyche. 

Learn to let go. Time may be the ultimate healer of heartbreaks but letting go expedites the healing process. Accept that this person is out of life and remove things that bring back memories of him or her. Everyone deserves to heal from a broken heart. And so do you.


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