No Weapon Fashioned Against You Shall Prosper

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day and the theme of this piece came up in our conversation.As a quick aside, Christian conversations are such an important way to trigger the move of God these days. If you are a member of a small group or you have Christian friends that you can freely share the Word of God with, always relish the moments.

So back to my conversation on Isaiah 54:17 which says, ‘No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper…’

My friend shared his thoughts on the presupposition of this scripture which is that Satan custom makes weapons for you. On his turf, which is the realm of the five senses, he knows you more than you know yourself . He understands your proclivities dating back several generations.

There is a branch of genetics called epigenetics which the church for a period of time diagnosed as ‘generational curses’. Maybe late marriage or out-of-wedlock child bearing is a phenomenon in a certain family. What epigenetics studies is the genetic principle by which this situation is passed from generation to generation.

Now the Bible says that even though Satan has this knowledge and really that’s all he has, his knowledge about your genetic flaw will not prosper.

And there’s a reason why. God takes it a notch here from the mundane to the supernatural by saying, Satan’s weapons would not prosper because your righteousness is of Him.

The next time you are tempted by Satan, particularly in an area you are most susceptible–because Satan knows these areas–switch on the righteousness of God by speaking in tongues and declaring that you have the righteousness of God in you.

There can be no gain saying this truth–Satan will flee–and you will have quashed his advance–with the whole armor of God.

You were born to win.


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