Thank You But Be You

Every birthday is a time to be thankful; thankful to God for life, family and the work. It’s a time to celebrate. And here’s why. Because the joy of the Lord is our strength.As I turn a year older, I hear the word, ‘Destiny’ prevail on my heart ‘in a coming-into’ sort of way. The meaning I understand, is like a child coming off age with first-time access to certain privileges or resources left her by her parents. When Jesus was twelve, He was granted access to the temple where he rummaged scripture with the scholars of that time. Paul in his letter to the Corinthians mentioned, ‘becoming a man and putting away childish things.’ A new level with a new set of privileges is in the offing as I perceive of someone reading this piece today.

There is a destiny for you with certain privileges for you right now. And the Bible says this destiny has something to do with becoming conformed to the image of Jesus so that the world cannot tell you apart from him. It’s about becoming all that He was, is and will be. And you know what? This destiny is fixed.

All the Bible studies, Sunday sermons, life experiences, trials and tribulations you go through are designed to bring you into this place of divine destiny.

It’s why the Bible says in everything give thanks. Because with everything that happens to and for you, you’re another step closer to the real you.

Business leader, John C. Maxwell would often say, ‘Life is not a destination but a journey.’ And you know, he is right. But what he doesn’t say often, is that Jesus is the destination.

It’s a blessing to know a destination because until we get there, we must walk by faith, with absolutely certainty of God’s message in the Bible.

So as you send in accolades–and I sincerely appreciate the gifts and beautifully crafted messages–be mindful of destiny.

And resolve with me to be you!

God bless you.


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