Who Is Preparing for this?

By 2020, there will be 20 million self-driving cars. And by 2030, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would have eclipsed nearly 2 billion jobs. Jobs as diverse as catering and article writing are set to be taken over by robots.

With the world population on a steady rise, one is poised to wonder what cataclysmic problems the impending surge of technologically-induced unemployment is set to reek. The steady lure of profits from globalization to technology for world commerce is going to have a sudden impact on people, like a sledgehammer on an ant, when the day comes, but not today.

Today, technology is advancing at mind-boggling speeds so that employers are now in need of employees with computer science skills.

According to LinkedIn, about 96 percent of jobs across the globe expected to be filled this year alone require some knowledge of computer science from cloud computing administrators to digital marketers.

This means that young people going into university to study courses like accounting, banking, journalism, agronomy and general surgery may be out of work before they even graduate.

The career guidance department of many schools have a task at hand. PTA’s really need to start giving attention to STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education from as early as kindergarten so that children learn to solve problems and adapt solutions to real lite situations using STEM.

In many parts of Africa, policy makers are yet to formulate policy for integrating STEM into in-country curricula which could spell doom if parents, teachers and the students themselves don’t take the initiative.

Management guru, Peter Drucker once said, ‘ the only way to prepare for the future is to create it.’ Don’t wait for the government, wherever you are.

Prepare yourself for the future.


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