True Wealth is Having Vision

True wealth isn’t about having money in your bank account or countless houses in your locality; it is the ability to see what others do not.

Steve Jobs saw a device that could hold and play up to a thousand songs and went on to develop the iPod. As you know, it made him billions and was probably one of the rare inventions that made Jobs such an iconoclast of our time.

Vision is probably the most valuable thing a person can have. Jesus alluded to it when he talked about true riches in his sermon on stewardship.

By vision, I mean, a knowledge of the intention of your intender when he intended you into being. It is known what you were born to be from the mind of God.

Author and political activist, Helen Keller said, ‘The only thing worse than being blind is having no vision.’

If you don’t know what you were born to be, maybe it’s time to reach out to God and ask him. And this has nothing to do with religion. There is a God behind perfect design. The stars, plants, sky and animals did not just magically appear. The atheist may assert to the contrary but think about DNA for a second and how it conveys information genealogically. The very idea of DNA presupposes perfect design; how you, your children and grandchildren share a genetic code that shows up in your looks, demeanor and general conduct.

That’s said, there is a God. He made you. He put the inherent desire in you to want success in all ramifications meaning He too, wants you to succeed. But your success is dependent on what He intended you to be. Knowing it is knowing God’s vision for your life–and that’s true wealth.


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