Vision Defines You

Your vision defines you whether you have one or not. Vision provides a strict delineation for the kind of habits, associations and routines you keep.

The good book says without vision people cast off restraint. It means, people live lives of quiet desperation when they have no vision. They live at the beck and call of others; at the wimps of their bosses and at the caprices of the neighbour next door.

Because they have no vision, they have zero control and zero input as to what direction their lives are traveling in; living from hand to mouth and paycheck to paycheck; numbed mentally by scatterbrained plethora of television shows that keep them sedentary for hours on end; hours they could have used to create their own stuff and get paid for it, if only for vision.

If you are like this, then it is time to stop. It’s time to take back your life by initiating a conversation with God as to His intent for your life. Hear me, your life isn’t going to change unless you do something about it. Nothing is going to magically alter your current experience if it is like the one I described. Only your vision will do that and you have to get the information from God.

Intent always lies with the intender. And if God intended for you to be born out of five hundred million other sperm that competed with you at your conception, it presupposes that you are not an accident; that you are here for a reason.

Whatever that reason is, you ought to learn it and live it toward God and yourself. The truest version of you that you could ever be lies in understanding your God-given vision.

Until then, you are nobody!

Have a great week ahead.


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