Project Your Vision Everywhere

It is important to project your vision everywhere you are, especially in front of you, at your desk in the office; or on your lamppost by your bedside.Having your vision statement, written in your own hand , placed where you can see it all day long is a known practice of leaders to remind themselves of what on earth they are here to do.

And the reason is simple. Every vision is a living entity, fed only by the focus of the visionary. Serena Williams for example is the best female tennis player in the world because of her vision. Vision will only grows by focus of the individual bearing the vision on the vision.

Next, if you focus on your vision, it will come out of your mouth every time. And every time you talk your vision, you engage supernatural help towards its accomplishment. This is what is referred to in the Bible as having the Spirit of Faith.

One story about having vision and engaging the Spirit of Faith in the Bible is that of Joseph. Joseph as a young man, had a vision that he would one day be ruler over his family and he wasn’t quiet about it. He told his dreams to his family of how they would one day bow to him which didn’t go down well with some of his brothers–going by the plans they made afterwards to dispose of the young man. But in all, speaking his vision was the catalyst to his actualizing destiny.

Now be careful to talk only your God-given vision, not your plans because it is only then that you engage the Spirit of Faith. Keep your plans secret but noise your vision abroad.

‘Why?’ You may ask.

Because your God-given vision is like a lit candle in a dark place. Only when you put it up can men locate it with the resources required to bring to fulfillment. And sometimes, these resources may not be in form of money or skills but in the form of adversity.

Never hide you God-given vision. Even the big companies of the world know not to do this with their visions but project it everywhere until it saturates your the world around you.


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