What Do You Hate Passionately?

Life as we know it and as God has given it to us should be pulsating. Even, in the moments of quiet desperation, your life should always be pregnant with hope if you know what on earth you are living for.

One way to find this out, as I shared yesterday, is to engage God in prayerful introspection; listening with your heart for the thoughts that come to your mind after you have spent ample time praying.

Another way to figure out what you ought to do with your life is your passion, particularly the thing you most passionately hate. You were born to solve a problem. God entrapped the potential to solve a particular problem or set of problems inside you, long before you were born. Teachers, I mean the ones who were born to teach have an aversion for ignorance. Fashion designers have an aversion for shabby dressing. Doctors have an aversion for health problems. An aversion is a strong dislike for something and it should corroborate what you were born to do.What you hate passionately is another pointer to why you are here because the solution to that problem is lodged in you. You aversion for it is an indication that the solution seeks expression through you.So ask yourself today, ‘What do I hate passionately?’Leave the answer in the comment section if you like and maybe we can begin to make the connections to what you were born to do.Much love.


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