Start With What You Have

‘Where do I start from?’

Many have ask this question over the past few weeks. And my reply has been: where you are, with what you have.

I have thoughtfully given this advice because it was the same advice God gave Moses at the start to realize his vision in the Bible.

Something of Moses’ story suggests that he already knew he was going to be the deliverer of Israel. Otherwise, why did he intervene and even kill the Egyptian who was being cruel to his fellow Israelite? Something of destiny made him identify with his true self even though he had been raised a prince of Egypt.

But every vision must begin in the supernatural. You can’t just mechanically jump on it because you sense what it is and not include God.

If God made you intentionally, it is only proper to clarify His intentions by asking Him what He will have you do.

Typically, God will connect you to something you can do now or have control over, insignificant as it may seem. To Moses, He asked him to use what he had in his hands; a staff. To David, it was five stones and a sling. To Jesus’s disciples, while faced with a daunting task of feeding the five thousand, it was two loaves and five fish. Simple things, which without His input, would mean nothing.

So in executing vision, remember God first and then, that insignificant thing you have.


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