Match Your Vision with Discipline

Over the past week, I have been blogging about vision and the need for you to discover it yourself. But it’s not enough to have vision. It’s not enough to know why you are here but aren’t doing much about making it happen. It’s almost as though are given to us as a test of character, whether or not we stay true to them. And so, we’ve got to match our vision with the discipline required because for starters, they will not fulfill themselves.

One thing about discipline and vision is there are no shortcuts. There are no elevators for you to realize vision with. You have got to use the stairs a hundred percent of the time, step by step, with strict commitment to stay true to the actualization of your dream.

A way to match your vision with discipline is by breaking it into small-sized tasks. So if your vision is to be a New York Times bestselling author, you’ve got to be able to granulate this vision from page to page; chapter to chapter; and book to book. And there’s the publisher, marketing and books sales part of it that you have got to manage as you go along.

A God-given vision can seem impossible to accomplish at first until you do this. So chunk it down to manageable tasks so that you find it easier to stay the course and see yourself garner momentum toward fulfilling destiny.

Have a great weekend!


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