Find Out What You Were Born to Do!

Yesterday, someone attacked me on Facebook for saying that poor people are people who haven’t yet discovered their God-given vision. And while I took time to try to explain to him, I felt a little inadequate with the explanation I gave.

No one was created poor. And by poor, I don’t just mean, lacking in money but ability. A poor person isn’t someone who doesn’t have money. It’s someone who lacks ability. The very fact that every human person was created for a purpose should smack of the idea, that God put in us an ability. Nobody is born poor. The only thing that keeps people poor is not knowing what they were born to do, how to do it and why.

A quick way to learn what you were born to do, is prayer. What I mean isn’t the part where you talk to God in a monologue, get up and go about business, no. I am saying that after you have prayed, you stay there, calm, until God speaks to you.

He does speak. The Bible says of God that He will show you all truth if you let Him.

Ask Him today and just wait for Him to speak. And please, have a pen and paper close at hand.


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