Appraise Yourself By Your Vision

Poverty is a sign of a lack of vision. Anytime you meet a poor person it won’t be difficult to see how they aren’t aspiring much to something God-given.

Like I posted yesterday, your God-given vision or assignment will require faith in the supernatural. It will separate you from certain people and bring you in company with others.

Until you pursue your vision, your life is a passing existence. You are only alive when you are actively in pursuit of your vision. To do otherwise is death. This is because it is possible to know what you are here for and not pursue it actively.

Maybe your vision is to become the number one tennis player in your country but you have been playing golf all this time. Or maybe, you envision a speaking career but you are holed up in a cubicle paying and receiving cash. Until you separate yourself from golfing or that cubicle, you will never reach your God-given potential.

See, let your vision help you today, if you know what it is . Appraise yourself, not by the success of other people but by your vision. That thing that God put in your heart to do with your life?

One way to do this, is to ask snapshot questions. Ask yourself , ‘Am I living based on the what I was put on this earth for?’ And if the answer is no, maybe it’s time to start doing something about it. If the answer is, ‘ I don’t even know what on earth I was born to do,’ then it’s time to turn over your questions to God in prayer. Look through my last four posts for some context if you haven’t. I’d be shedding more light tomorrow on how to catch your vision from the intender of your life.Ciao!


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