Why You Need to Pursue Your Vision

A God-given vision will separate you from distractions. It will set the tone for the things you pursue and the things you don’t. When I encounter people trying to do too many things, it’s not hard to tell that they lack vision. Vision is supposed to constrict you to one course–and one course alone.

If for nothing at all, why you need to pursue your vision is for the sake of your children. Like I wrote in my last post, vision is often generationally accomplished. And pursuing yours will give your children the boldness to pursue theirs as well. Your vision is the assignment God put you on earth to fulfill. It always requires faith to fulfill vision.

As I write this piece from my hotel room in Ilorin, Nigeria, my thoughts are reinforced by three mammoth businessmen I have met over a period of one year; siblings, each running separate multi-million dollar entities in oil, cocoa and construction respectively.

Their success secret was their mother boldly venturing into her dream of trading cocoa at an early age instead of pursuing a career as a clerk.

Given, your children will be influenced by your decisions, but no decision will influence them more than the decision to pursue your vision.


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