Start a Mentoring Program Today

Executing your God-given vision never takes forever even though it may take longer than your lifetime to fulfill. Quite typically, divine assignments are completed over the course of several generations.

This is why if your vision is as simple a cutting hair, you should start grooming a successor the very day you start. Don’t wait until you are old and grey, to appoint successors . That was what Jesus did.

Remove yourself from the place of self-doubt and pick someone or a few people that you can teach the things you know.

And maybe you don’t know what your vision in life is yet. That’s okay. I will be sharing my thoughts on how to learn your vision in the coming days. But first, what new things have you learnt in the past couple of days, weeks and months? Look for someone to teach them to. Let your life be a libation to God poured out in service to humanity because that’s what leadership is about.

Leadership is empowering others to empower others. You are a leader, if not, you won’t be reading this. That’s the reason God blesses you with opportunity, talent and even the lessons you get from time to time. It’s for you to empower others with so that they in turn can empower others as well.

Mentoring is an active sport so get out there and mentor someone today.

Have a great week!


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