Not Ambition but Service

Existential crises seem to be happening to many people these days.

Many, pausing to query the purpose of their lives or the vanity of it–and needing change–are resolving to seek it via supernatural means. There is a growing disaffection with the ordinary and I see it everyday as men and women patronize psychics, cults, churches, gurus and religious fundamentalists in attempt to resolve the ever-gnawing question of purpose.

But man cannot reach out to God in the way that He reaches out to man. And frankly, God reached out to you long before you were even born in Jesus.

Your life’s true purpose can only be found in accepting the essence of Jesus. Jesus is Lord over everything including you. He is the king of your life whether you recognize Him or not. And for your life to have any meaning, His say about your purpose, assignment and vision should be at the top of your consciousness.

As Bishop T.D Jakes said, ‘You were not made to have ambition, you were made for service.’ Let this dominate your thoughts today and let the attitude of Paul when He first met Jesus on the road to Damascus lead you to ask the same question as he today: ‘What will you have me do Lord?’

Let the words that come into your heart after you ask this question be the guide to help you live on purpose. Don’t let another second go to waste. Get on your knees now and ask the potentate of the universe:

What will you have me do, Lord?

Listen. Write down. And realize it is not about ambition but service.


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