Jesus Came to Identify with You

One quality that is essentially human is being tribal. We love to identify with people of common interests to portray or communicate a preferred identity. So people who are anti-abortion are often evangelical and Republicans while their pro-choice counterparts are often of other faiths and politically liberal. Labels are essentially how the human race has become so fragmented into bits so that we are always at loggerheads with the people who do not share our beliefs, race, aspirations or faith.

Jesus too came to identify with all of us in such a way that we could identify with Him. He came to take away the only real identity that all humans share: the nature of sin; that inherent nature to do things based on selfishness. That was the reason why He hung from the cross; to settle the contractual failures of the Jews and suffered divine rejection for the rest of the world so that today all humanity can by choice, identify with Him.

Today, I may be black, conservative, evangelical and of the working class but all of that is swallowed up in my identity as a Jesus-man. It is enmeshed in the love of God so that differences, loyalties and ethnicities mean nothing compared to our identity in Jesus.

He identified with you at the basest taking away all sickness, guilt and folly so that you could identify with Him in His glory. That’s what the cross is about.

So how do you identify with Jesus? By accepting for yourself what He did in Matthew 26 and 27.


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