The Purpose of Problems

‘When purpose is unknown,’ Dr. Myles Munroe once wrote, ‘abuse is inevitable’. Understanding the purpose of things is therefore a crucial part of living effectively. From time to time, when things break down around or in our lives, the poignant response of going back to the basics to figure out where things began to go wrong should be banal.

But we often don’t go back to the source. Something about humans skirt around problems particularly when these problems aren’t problematic enough. And this is where I think we miss the purpose of problems.

The purpose of problems is to refine us through connections; whether by connecting with God, others or our inner selves. Once we can reach God, other people or the inside of ourselves for a solution, we cross the boundaries of the mundane into the land of our destiny.

God said, ‘ …it is not good for man to be alone.’ And while being alone is a state of being it is never to be misconstrued with the feeling of loneliness. There is nothing abnormal with being alone only God says, it isn’t good. Loneliness on the other hand is not normal. You can be alone and still be productive but nothing good can come out of loneliness. So when God uses the word alone, He was referring to the problem solving nature of humans. We solve problems by connecting to community.

Problems were designed to remind us that we are connecting beings; that every time we have a situation, we ought to look beyond ourselves.

Connecting is also the purpose of marriage, starting a business and attending church. We participate in community to solve problems. And like I said earlier, that’s the secret to destiny.

God didn’t say, ‘Let me make man in my image.’ He said, ‘Let us…in our…’

If indeed man (male and female) is the image of God, and rightly so, why then do you want to do things by yourself?

God who designed man said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone, I will make him (or her) a help suitable. And He went on to fashion husbands and wives; send the Holy Spirit, and even sits as our advocate making intercessions. We always have help in times of problems only we don’t look to them when we should. And that’s why problems linger until we do.


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