We were always One

Everything in God finds its fullest expression in unity. We were always One. God ordained marriage for full expression, made Jesus die so that man could have full expression and even sent the Holy Spirit to provide us with the opportunity for full expression.

Full expression means God’s design. It is what you were made to do and be.

We were created to be interdependent and your fullest expression no matter where you are in life can only happen when you are connected to the other parts that God designed for destiny.

Your full expression was designed for fruitfulness and if you have been experiencing any sort of barrenness, it’s because you are disconnected from someone that should be in your life right now. It may be the Holy Spirit or a friend or your spouse.

Connecting starts in your heart and until it happens, there can be no going forward. Think about this and ask the Lord to show you the connections you need to make.

God bless you!


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