A Drivel for Writers

The moment I lost my desire for fame and money, writing actually regained its meaning to me. I reclaimed my mantra which simply states, that ‘On writing, there are no rules.’ Forget about all the ‘six steps to better writing’ tips or the ‘how to be a writer’ articles that tickle your fancy from time to time because writing can be as dynamic as there are people–and still be Pulitzer award winning stuff.

So remember, there are no rules even though, some things stay true; like characters and situational plots; reading avidly and using what you read to find your own voice.
On writing, it is certain to note that you cannot become a writer, talkless of a good one without copious reading. It’s almost as though the maestros have their say in who succeeds and who doesn’t as JRR Tolkien does in the works of GRR Martin or as Achebe in Adichie. The writer is a protege of sorts; a reincarnation of some scribbler past. This, otherwise, he is nothing.

To become a good writer you must live life on the edge, they say; take risks; meet people; travel and read as much as you can. Read everything from spiritual scripts to lame poetry. Somewhere in all of it, you will hear your own voice. It will bleed out of you; in the bathroom; on the road and sometimes, at your desk, looking at the screen right in front of you as you plod the keypads.

Maybe to you, I have listed a bunch of rules while telling you there are no rules to writing. There is one rule: Write everyday. If you ever wonder how some people come up with five hundred thousand words, this is how.

And please, writer’s block is not such a problem. It happens to the best of writers. But wait a minute, isn’t it an excuse we tell ourselves because there is nothing eventful to write about. Make an event of everything. Like the one about your eyes following these words as I come to a final full stop.

Drivel if you must but remember, there are no rules to great writing–only one. We only know it to be good or great when we read it. So write it.


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