The Rapture Of The Church

We share a common destiny–if you are born again. But this isn’t about religion as it is about faith. 
Faith to accept the truth. Faith by definition, is acting in line with the message of the Bible; seeing things with the tunnel vision that may often seem parochial and not altering your stance at the possibility of apparent failure.
It was so with Noah about the flood. And though many people do not think that it really happened, the Mayans, a tribe in South America that kept accounts of this floods. Evidence by archaeologist, Robert Ballard support the occurrence of  a global flood around 5000BC. 

But then, Noah was probably deemed crazy when he began building the Ark and warning about the flood to come that God had told him to prepare for. 

It may be the exact same way today, when we talk about Jesus and the Rapture of the Church. So let it be known that one day–soon, this unimaginable event will occur and it will be reported across World media for what it was. It will mark the beginning of unrestrained wickedness across the earth, far beyond the proportions we see today in the forms of human trafficking, murder, wars, lechery and greed. 

The Church will be raptured someday soon. Better prepare!


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