Remember King Asa

Starting something is never as important as finishing particularly, if what you start has some serious merit.

King Asa was a great king of Judah who began his reign with the zeal of a newbee. He was a master at fellowshipping with the Lord and leading his nation to do same. Unlike many in his class of kings, Asa prayed some of the most profound prayers of any kings before and after him. 

One time he faced an army of a million Eithopians and defeated them with divine help. Another time he instituted laws that made it a crime not to pray to the Lord across the whole country. Asa even deposed his own mother for worshipping idols. 

And by His thirty-fifth year as king, there was peace, absolute peace across his domain. Complacence set in.

Then Baasha of Israel laid siege on Judah by  building a blockade that would cut the flow of supplies to Judah. This was a smaller problem than the Eithopian war and Asa was seduced to thinking he could just pay an ally some money to disrupt the incursions of Israel, which he did. He didn’t pray and he didn’t seek the Lord. He didn’t recognize that maybe the problem had come from not being in constant fellowship with the Lord and Israel had been allowed to move against Judah because God thought it would bring Him back to the prayer place.

Wars returned to Judah and within four years Asa the Great King and Reformer died. What is striking is that he didn’t die from the slash of a sword in battle but from a crippling generative disease in his feet that he again, refused to talk to the Lord about. 

His prayerlessness was an act of pride; choosing to depend solely on human efforts and not on God. But I wonder where it all started, since he didn’t begin his reign this way. It must have been a slow fade.

Asa is a warning not to heady about the crippling issues we are faced with in your life right now but to pray about them. 

Remember King Asa!


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