Houses and An Inheritance: The Role of the Father

In a world where men are steadily barraged by the question of their identities, one can almost understand why so many men are so resigned. The socioeconomics of parenting particularly in the developed world has led to a rise in stay-at-home dads.  

Or maybe because women have proven to be more emotionally intelligent in the workplace, we are seeing a sustained trend of women taking the breadwinning roles at the home front.We have also witnessed more dereliction from fathers, which I must presume, comes from a place of angst at a world that has so much changed.

But it isn’t how much the world has changed as it as it is about how a lot of men have morphed away from the idea of who a man is. I mean, a real man.

Now, I would most certainly write a book were I to describe a man–not the one I am, but the one I see in the Bible; the one I aspire to be–but that’s not the reason I wrote this post.

 Like the never-ending line drawn across the horizon, the man I see for myself is an unnerving image which is why I like to look at him pixelated, in tiny bits so that my focus does not become blurred by it’s his resplendence.

Proverbs 19:14 is a pixel that I am newly accustomed to. It says,

‘A house and self-sufficiency are a father’s inheritance, but from the LORD comes an insightful wife.’

Leaving the wife part out, even though I am thankful to God for the gift of an insightful wife myself, a man is responsible for the gift of a house and riches to his child. It isn’t enough to teach them God’s ways or send them to school, you’ve got to provide a house and  start up capital for the next generation not because it is what a man should does but because it is part of who a good man is…to his children (see Proverbs 13:22)

Don’t say your parents left you nothing and so, you too would leave nothing to your own kids. 

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children not because it is what he does but because it’s who he is.


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