The Issue of Body Image



Recently, I got some really incredible feedback about my book, The Code: A Simple Story About Raising Great Women that made me reflect about of the subject of body-image as it impacts on how successful a women become in life.

A working mom-in the oil and gas industry-told me that reading the book had helped her become sensitive to the struggle her chubby teenage daughter was beginning to experience because of her weight;so much so that the girl had now been prodding her parents to change schools because of the way she felt about her body.

As a parent, your role is to give your daughter control of her body-image. And while the roles diverge for mother and father on helping a daughter feel good about her looks, the real idea behind giving the girl-child control over her body-image is based on the fact that how she feels about her body and her ability to take charge of her life travel in the same direction. If your daughter feels good about her looks, her self-confidence skyrockets and this is a good thing, no matter what stage of life she’s at.

The thing to note here is that a daughter will take on the body-image of her mom without her mother having to say a word. So, if a mother struggles with her body-image, the daughter would most likely do too. My book asks mothers to learn to take control of their daughter’s body-image by taking control of their own through dieting and exercise.

And while mothers have the sole task of  mirroring positive body-images to their daughters, fathers have the role to affirming mother and daughter about their body-image. The reason, females are wired to think that if you aren’t saying nice things about them, then there is really nothing positive to say which is why the men in their lives need to be intentional about the words they use, particularly as it affects body-image.

I teach nine other ideas in this book to help you raise your daughter which you can get here on Amazon.






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