Start a Business

From time to time during the year, and in many of my posts, I have broached the subject of wealth accumulation from the viewpoint of a passerby. But as I work with more and more people, I see the need to be a little in your face, particularly if you live in a country with a high unemployment rate and you cannot seem to find yourself a job.

From a very rational standpoint, I do not think it makes sense to keep looking for a job five years after you have left school in a country where because of a lack of entrepreneurial ingenuity, it’s so difficult to find work. 

From the perspective of a social worker, I am peeved by how young people unable to find work, spend countless hours skimming and angling to find one rather than engaging in the process of creating a job for themselves and others.

The time and energy spent in creating and recreating a CV could be invested in looking for how to meet needs around you. 

See, success …real success…is discovering a human need and reaching out to meet that need. 

Rather than look for a job that is elusive, start looking out for needs. The first place to start, is  with yourself. What are the basic needs or problems you have? And what are the similar needs and problems that others around you encounter in the course of their day? 

Needs are the seeds of opportunity. Find a need and make it a duty to meet it in exchange for financial reward.

Stop looking for a job. Start a business!


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