Never Complain

Complaining is something many of us are tempted to do from time to time.

Some people complain about the government; others about their spouses, co-workers, and some still about their employer…or just about anything.

And if you think about it critically, complainers usually complain to people who have no power to fix what they are complaining about. It’s like a man complaining to his colleague at the office about his wife’s poor attitude at home and then going home to complain to his wife about his colleague’s sloppiness at work. Neither of his wife or his colleague can do anything to effect a change about his complaints to them. 

Then, there are others who complain because of their over-bloated egos. Their pride or perfectionism never let’s them  see good in anything at all. They complain simply because innately, they are unthankful. These are the ones who look at a half full glass of water and describe it as half-empty. They are the naysayers and faultfinders. And I guess you can pinpoint someone you know who is this way. (Show them this post)

The act of complaining reeks of negativity based on the very two reasons why people complain: inability and ingratitude. And like all negativity, it is contagious. 

You would do yourself a lot of good  to caution or not to company with complaining folks in an effort to keep from catching their contagion of powerlessness and ingratitude.

So the next time someone complains about something or someone around you, remind them how they are either abdicating their power or being ungrateful as regards the thing or person they are complaining about.


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