Think 120 Years

As a person of faith, I am often pressed to share thoughts from the Bible I think beneficial to my readers.

But before I dive in today, I have a question:

How long are people supposed to live for? What’s is the typical lifespan of human beings across the world?

Now, if we go by the 2015 estimates of life expectancy by country, Monaco, Japan, Singapore and Macau all follow each other in quick succession with Monaco at 89.59 years and Macau at 84.51.

Arguably, people in these parts of the world live long compared to the last 40 countries on the life expectancy list, (38 of which-by the way-are African) but not long enough if we look at it from the perspective of Bible. 

You see, I came across a portion in the Bible today that says, God ordained human beings to live a minimum of 120 years and while I was 

But the problem is, many people have been socialized to think that 70 to 80 years is the standard length of human life. 

My findings traced the origin of this thinking back to the same book, the Bible; to the tenth verse of the ninetieth chapter of the Book of Psalms. And while I found much of its import was taken out of context to arrive at the conclusion that man’s days are 70 years or at best, 80 years on the earth, my findings linked this phenomenon to poor nutrition and poor lifestyle habits as well as how we are socialized to think of our time here on earth.

The latter is why I put up this post. Imagine that before Roger Bannister came along, no human had run a mile under four minutes until 6 May 1954. But in just 46 days afterwards, Bannister’s record was shattered. One after the other, we have come to be accustomed with the sub-four-minute miler in our culture.

And I am saying that life expectancy should be this way too. Thinking about living to 120 years can quickly change your perspective about yourself, what you can accomplish, your diet and wait for it…how young you are now!

And if you were wondering where in the Bible it says, 120 years, get one and turn to the third verse of the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis.

No matter how old you think you are…you are young…


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