Non-linear Thinking

Some people think in linear terms; that at the end of a week’s or month’s work, they get paid a salary. And so for these people, transiting into entrepreneurship may just never happen, the reason being that subconsciously, they buy a lie that time is money.

But time isn’t money. If it were, the people who worked the longest would be the richest. Or don’t you think?

‘Time is money’ is an Industrial Age lie fashioned to make us think that the only way to make money is to put in time.

But all portable wealth stems from non-linear thinking; the case that money comes from the development of products and one’s ability to create a sales system around them.From Jobs to Buffet; Gates to Shultz and Dangote, this was what they did.

So next time someone says, Time is Money, use it as a trigger to talk about Non-linear thinking.

Much love.


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