Eating Wrong: Making A Simple Shift From Processed Foods to an Organic-based Diet

Human beings are the only creatures who literally eat themselves to death.

I mean, it was a moment of truth for me just watching people at a nearby grocery store in the neighbourhood-where I go to shop-just buying stuff I know would literally kill them off over a period of continued consumption.

Being a public holiday in Nigeria, more than the usual number of people were in the mall, lined behind their shopping carts, flanking the twelve cash registers. Most of these people, sedentary, were literally buying sugars. Beers here, yogurts there, and all kinds of sodas. 

It made me think about life expectancy in this part of the world, currently averaging at 53 for both sexes and how a drop would be inevitable in a few years if we don’t change.
The rule of thumb to healthy dieting is to eat more grown foods than processed foods. 
Eat more fruits and drink more water. As a person of faith, the Bible guarantees human beings a 120-year lifespan as I believe. But it is one thing to be given a gift and a completely different thing to receive it.

It is time to make a change. Happy Easter!


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