Change Your Social Orbit

Your social orbit says a lot about where you are headed in life. ‘Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,’ goes the saying about how associations underpin identity. 

I heard a story this morning that drove home the need to constantly upgrade quality of people we associate with. 

Pa Joseph Kennedy, a leader in the Irish American community of his day, one-time US Ambassador to Great Britain and father to three of America’s iconic political leaders, John Fitzgerald, Robert Francis and Edward Moore was in the habit of hosting world leaders at his home and allowing his children-from a very young age-interact with these highly influential people. And though it may seem that the Kennedys were  the most influential political family of their time, it didn’t happen by accident. 

Think about it, the three Kennedy boys help offices between themselves as House Representative, Senator, US Attorney General and the President of the United States of America. Pa Kennedy’s diligence at managing the social orbit of his children played a huge role in the maverick political contributions of his sons to the free world; from putting a man on the moon to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that enabled black Americans the right to vote.

If for the Kennedys managing their social orbit was the secret, it can be yours too. Forget about the past and live like you have a bright future ahead of you, because you do.  And the best way to live your life with zest and power is to associate with people of zest and power. 

You are in the wrong company of friends if you are the smartest, wealthiest or most influential. The way upwards is to band with people that stretch you; who in some way, can teach you to do better. 

Friend, if your identity is tied to your social orbit and you are now seeking to reinvent yourself, your business or career, then it begs to say that only one thing is needful:

Change your social orbit


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