Depression: Let’s Talk

Many people approach the subject of depression from areas -I think-they find safe. Some people look at depression from the standpoint of religion. They think that depressed people are people without any faith-based hope and then pontificate about spiritiality in a way that defeats helping sufferers.
Others, particularly in third world countries, look at it from economics; their cause of depression being impoverishment of all sorts; and how people’s economic inabilities provide a very succinct environment for depression. And yet these people-in my estimation- misconstrue suffering with depression and end up describing something else.

Then, there are the nerdy ones who look at depression purely from the view point of medical science. In their definition, depression is a mood disorder; a mental sickness characterized by prolonged spells of sadness and disinterest; often  managable with a class of drugs called antidepressants. For these ones, depression has little connection with a man’s spirit or his body. It is a mind sickness and that’s it. And in their own words, they’d say, ‘Get tested’ or ‘Get help.’

But depression is more than a condition of prolonged sadness. It is the offshoot of a misalignment between the spirit, mind and body. You see, even though science fails to acknowledge the Spirit that man is because it fails explain what animates a man’s body, something certainly separate a living man from a corpse that died a moment ago. So settle this, you are a spirit, living in a body and you have a mind. But for the purpose of this post, allow me to describe each of these as a component of a whole, even though it doesn’t truly do justice to man’s composition.

In any case, your Spirit, Mind and Body need nurturing by way of inspiration, mental stimulation, food and exercise to required proportions that differ from person to person.  You (spirit) need to be inspired by words, pictures and acts every day; the same way your mind needs to be stimulated with things that keep you positive and hopeful; the same way your body needs food and exercise. 

As a person of faith, while I understand that clinical methods for dealing with depression have proven effective in some cases because of how these remedies deal with mind-based depression, they have failed woefully when the source of the depression arose out a deficiency in the spirit or the body. It is how medical science came up with the term, ‘incurable depression’ which some are now using as a case to support doctor-assisted suicide for patients diagnosed with it.
My point is, once there is a misalignment resulting from a prolonged neglect to feed any one of these three-Spirit, mind and body-with the appropriate stuff, depression happens.

But…let’s talk.


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