2 Life Hacks You Can Use To Increase Your Wealth In 2017



If you are going to increase your wealth in 2017, you must make two important changes that will leave you positively and forever altered come 31 December this year.

As we move into the second quarter of the year, it is important to self-examine and make these changes:

  1. Change Your Attitude.Do you take 100 per cent responsibility for your life? Or is there someone, some disability or something you always blame for your poor showings, poor sales, lean bank account or joblessness? Taking 100 percent responsibility for your life is the attitudinal shift that all successful people have had to make. It is reaching that place in your mind where there are no excuses; where learning the skills you require to succeed become an obsession; where you toughen up and always give your best at whatever you do. At my alma mater, our motto is, ‘Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil,’ which means, ‘the best or nothing.’ Little wonder, it is also the tagline for Mercedes Benz. What I am saying in a nutshell is, you must make up your mind to give your best or nothing, every time.
  2. Change Your Friends.You are the average of your five closest friends or associates. Your net worth is the average of the net worth of the five closest people to you. Never forget this. If you want to change markedly this year, find people that stretch you and make you feel uncomfortable with your current level of success. Call them whatever you like, mentors, advisers or coaches, these people must be better, richer and more disciplined than you. One quick way to band with them is to find a need you can fill in their lives, maybe it is helping them with their coffee in the morning if they are colleagues at work or helping them figure out a pressing challenge they might be facing. No man is an island. Find that need, meet it and have the door of friendship opened to you for your own good. Changing your friends can alter your life instantly like midnight from noonday.

These two hacks are priceless and I trust you’d test them immediately.


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