Read Books

It’s appalling how much a person can learn from reading a book a week. In one year, you’d be so smart and in five, you’d probably a leading figure in any chosen field you focus on.

The world’s richest people read books as a matter of habit. Oprah, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet all allude part of their wealth generation to this habit.

This January, former US President, Barack Obama released a list of 79 books that stood out for him during his presidency which got me thinking that if the President of the United States of America can afford time to read almost a book a month (assuming He only read the ones in the list), then I simply have no excuse.

Most people I have come across often give the excuse of having tight schedule and so on for not being able to read books and I agree. Parenting, working, schooling or whatever gets the chunk of your day must be pretty important. But there are times in the day when you don’t have to do those important things and it is in those moment you can schedule reading time. Maybe before your bed time. Or in the car park just before you have to get in to the office and start your day. Or, while commuting by bus or train. 

Reading I find, is an essential habit to living a better life. It’s not enough to buy books or store them in a shelf somewhere. Read books.

‘You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.’-Charlie “Tremendous” Jones


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