Be Aware Of Your Cravings

Be aware of your cravings. You can only be tempted by the things you crave. For example, some married people crave company and innocently leverage on acquaintanceships in their social circles that often become full blown affairs.  For some, it’s the craving for the recognition by others that dovetails into showmanship or scheming, racking up debt because they want to keep up appearances or enemies, because that’s what schemers do in the workplace.

The end usually leads to disaster. But thank God, cravings give a time delay. First they start morphing into something; your married self enjoys that conversation with that co-worker in your office, and then you start to crave for more conversations like this. You start to share personal information and routines, intimacy builds and before long…you are having an affair.

It took time for the craving to actualize into an affair; time enough to have stopped the conversations and properly redirect the craving away from culminating in adultery; the same time delay a jail bed looks back at with regret, how he or she could have altered the cravings that landed him or her in jail.

Cravings end in disasters, ten out of ten times-for people who aren’t aware of them.


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