Naivety Is A Liability

‪Never interpret life the way you are. The fact that you are good or noble doesn’t mean that everybody is like you.‬ It’s a fierce world out there and people who are naive are often used and dumped before they even realize it. 

I find that people constantly look at others from the same mirror they see themselves. Crooked people think everyone is crooked. Kind people think everybody should be kind. Manipulative people think people are manipulative and so on. Wrong! We aren’t at all the same as the other person. In fact, wisdom presupposes the opposite. Study people and learn how they respond in difficult moments and you’d tell what manner of people they are. There is a lot a man can hide when the conditions are fine but wait until the times of adversity and it won’t be long before their real selves show up, if you get what I mean.

Wisdom is the only way to navigate your way in this world. And until you grasp it, people will most likely use you to accomplish their own ends long before you realize it–assuming you are good-natured.

Read books, listen to podcasts, have something you are learning each week. I find that life doesn’t regard personal deficits in knowledge. Build your person strong with information that is relevant to you and your advance. And be aware of the type of people you have around you.

Naivety is a liability.


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