Who Are The Most Important People in Your Family?

If my guess is right…you said, the children–that is, if you already have kids, or you are one yourself.

But that’s not the answer. Children are not the most important people in a family.

Or would you say that the staff of a company were the most important people in that company? Would soldiers be the more important than their general in an army? Absolutely not.

The most important people in your family are the parents for without them , there would literally be no children. And to buttress this point, imagine that children had no parents, what would become of them? Would they be able to afford school? Buy clothes? Or even pay for accommodation? I think not.

Parents who live like their children are the most important people in their families do us more harm than good. Their actions bring about the kind of entitlement mentality that’s ever more prevalent in our societies today.

Because of this children-are-more-important mindset, parents are more inclined to placate their children, leading them to expect the same placating from the larger society. It is why some young people today curse the government on social media, when after looking for a job, they find none. Why not make one for yourself?

 It is why some others commit suicide saying that life is too difficult, because rather than take the reins of their lives, they wait for mom, the government, or ‘God’ to intervene. 

Weak men and women, hooked on the veneration of their parents and hoping that the world does same.

Who Are The Most Important People in Your Family?


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