5 Aspects of Mastery

Over the first few weeks of this year, I spent a lot of time studying self-mastery. My findings have been very instructive. What I have come to realize is that self-mastery is very achievable when you master certain body parts alongside your mind.

1. Your tongue: The management of your tongue is probably the most important organ you must master. A man’s worth is in his words. Words like clothes either dress you up for success or dress you down for failure. Mastering your tongue this year could be very helpful.

2. Your eyes: Mastering your eyes will keep you from basing your decisions on them. The eyes can be very misleading particularly, because things are really never as the seem. Men lust after women with it. Women lust after stuff too; sometimes buying things they don’t need.

3. Your appetite: Food will control you if you let it. Food is where some people struggle. It is the reason obesity is on the rise across the world. Mastering your appetite could mean fasting, or just being able to tell yourself no in the face of tempting food. Whatever it is, own your appetite.

4. Your emotions: Anger, affection and sadness directed at the wrong people will ruin you. Mastering emotions of anger could save you from murder; mastering affection could save you from infidelity and mastering sadness could save you from yourself. Emotions are a lie when it comes to making rational decisions. Be weary of them

5. Your mind: The mind is like a sponge; soaking up everything from the good to the bad and ugly. Mastering what enters your mind can be tricky. But once you learn it’s capacity, you will get a hang of it. Your mind can soak up everything and anything it comes in contact with, which is why mastering it can mean vetting the materials you present it with.

Self-mastery is the greatest gift a person can give himself/herself …and it is achievable.


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