Give Kind Words Online

In the world we live in today, people have learnt to mask their feelings. They do it as a defense mechanism of sorts so that predators don’t take advantage of them or, because they need the added incentive to act on their self-hatred, in some cases. No doubt, the reason some people try to keep up appearances many a times, is because of their personal struggles. Some people binge on social media simply because they want to escape the horrid existence  that they think their life is. Some others look for validation of their self-hatred to either use it as impetus to commit suicide or do themselves some serious harm because of low self esteem issues, sometimes perpetuated by the callousness of our increasingly urbanized world.  Most people, particularly online, go through some personal fight or the other and only need kind words like ‘happy birthday’, ‘well done ‘ or ‘you look lovely.

Now I am not asking you to patronize anybody. Just be kind with your words. Never repeat scandal. And be sensitive to people you meet on the internet. Celebrate with people in your social network who celebrate and empathize  with those who are sad. 

Be kind!


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