Your Mind

Your mind is everything. Change your mind, change your life.

You see, I can’t say this in a way that is more cryptic, but no matter where you are in life, whether you are rich, poor, content, edgy, dissatisfied or recluse, the structure of your mind plays a very fundamental part. 

It is your God-given chooser, feeler, thinker and data storage device. Every value you will ever give to or take from this world will based on the functioning of your mind.

And this is where this post pulls together. Your mind is yours but it can run you. It can run you aground if you do not take charge of it and it can do the exact opposite if you do. If you do not manage your mind, it will manage you and nothing left unmanaged ever turns out right.

Learn to choose your thoughts well and it will influence how you feel, form the habits you keep and literally determine how well you do in life.

Your mind is everything. Be intentional about managing your mind. 


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