If you focus on anything long enough, you’ll become profient at it. ‘Practice…’ they say, ‘…brings perfection’ and perfection brings recognition.

To focus is to be painstaking; to give attention; to never give up. It is to be committed to a course of action without a sense of doubt, disillusionment or distraction. 

It is to ‘set one’s face as flint’ taking into account a portion of the Bible where the consequence of doing so is certain success.

To focus, you must have in front of you a predetermined goal that you are constantly looking towards. If it is your weight you want to shed, you constantly look at losing weight by going to the gym, regularly  checking the scale and dieting. If is it having more money, you learn to monitor your expenses but cutting your spending on non-essentials while looking for ways to earn more.

It is a fact that whatever you focus on in your life, you’ll have more of. It’s a phenomenon that somewhat distinguishes people in  terms of quality. It is why the rich get richer and the poor, poorer.

It is also why kind people seem kinder every time we encounter them and why, mean people are ever so mean. What they focus on creates the experiences we have with them.

Now if you have been on a trajectory for a while, maybe with a recurring  health or debt situation, it’s probably time you altered your focus. Many people suffer for a long time until they stop behaving in the particular manner that brought suffering upon them in the first place. You shouldn’t have to be like this.

Ask yourself what you have been focusing on that has perpetuated the challenges you face in your life for so long. Note them down and change them. It maybe that you have not been intentional about your life. Well, it’s time to change.Have a  predetermined  goal for your life and spend the rest of your waking moments focused on its achievement.

Be intentional…Focus!!!


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