Fear Is Illogical

Fear is an unfounded expectation about the future that makes you act in a manner that is often beyond reason.

Some people are such a petty sight when the lights go out or a little coakroach saunters into view. And if you try to rationale their behavior it is founded on an idea that something could leap out of the dark to chew them up or that the coakroach could overpower them so much that it could find its way down their throats; an inordinate fear that really would only be possible in the movies.

The problem is, while the cases I mentioned grow on people-men and women included-from childhood, other fears like losing one’s job or investment can usually come from unfounded like superstition and wrong perceptions.
I remember a true story that occurred a few years back in Nigeria that nails home my point. One January Sunday in Lagos, sometime after lunchtime, when the day began to quieten as people prepared for the new work week, an accidental detonation  occurred in the armory at the military base in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos, leading to a series of nasty unexplained explosions at the time. Some people panicked in the pandemonium and without rationalizing their actions jumped into a 12 feet deep canal in hopes that they might escape whatever had caused the explosions almost 25km away. About 600 people died that day, needlessly because of fear.

Had they rationalized where the explosions had come from, maybe some of the dead would still be here today. But fear is always illogical…and that is why it is a choice.


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