Always Know Why



I read in a book a while back that the man who knows ‘how’ will always be ahead of the man who knows ‘what’ but the man who knows ‘why’ will always be their boss.

The man who knows why is a dangerously effective man. He has convictions. He is the one least likely to quit. And because of this, he is the one least likely to fail.

If you work or lead an organization, the greatest good you can do is learn the reasons why the the organization exists and equip others with this knowledge .

‘Why’ is your reason for being. And there can be no greater knowledge about a thing than the knowledge of it’s ‘Why’.

If you are in any kind of relationship-be it casual or profession- it pays to be clear about why. Living with assumptions can be very self-immolating; the feeling of thinking you are an item, a team or a partner with this person when in actuality, you are not. Have a DTR (define the relationship) talk if you are in a relationship you haven’t clearly defined. The man or woman who knows why is boss.

In these days of religious and political  dogmatisms, it pays to the certain about ‘Why’. Lesser minions get caught between bigger interests, but not you. Learn to ask ‘why’ no matter how plausible, no matter how high-sounding and no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

You will always be a step ahead of others if you always know why.


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