Three People Never To Keep Company With


As the year progresses, I am learning more about defining myself by my social orbit. Lenin once said:

Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.

We are the sum of our five closest relationships which makes me a little edgy about keeping company with these three types of people in particular.

The Uninspired
Stay away from people who have no inspiration. The uninspired see no possibilities. They have no dreams or goals of their own and so they kill the dreams of others. They are the naysayers; the critics who always focus on how things would never work. The uninspired have a lethargy that is very contagious. Stay away from them.

The Unexcited
These are sad people. Like the uninspired, they too are lethargic but more than this, they are also envious. These people immobilize you out of envy. They are the ones who can’t get something done and would stand in the way of someone who can, out of jealously. Their pessimism is borne out of self-hatred. They literally see nothing good in themselves and so cannot see goodness in others. Be weary of people like this who often cast aspersions on and belittle themselves.

The Ungrateful
These ones are the most dangerous of the lot. They have no sense of worth and so cannot ascribe worth or value to anything or anyone. Ungrateful people are close-minded, short-sighted people incapable of assessing or recalling good things when they happen to or around them. These people are the backbiting and malicious kind often given to spreading lies about you. They are the haters; the badmouths who would rather hurt you than just shut their mouths up . Gossip is their stock in trademark so beware. If they tell you something negative about someone else, be rest assured they are talking to other people about you.

The funny thing about these three, is that they are the friendliest type of people you’d ever meet. So look out for the signs and stay clear of them

Have a great week!


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