Check The Facts


Today, in a world where fake news and outright lies have become the order of the day, it is a priceless attribute to be discerning. The arrival at conclusions must be balanced otherwise,  you’ll take things at face value and pay dearly for it.

Things – today, more than at any other time in human history-are never as they seem.

Care to learn the other side of the story. Care to check that the numbers jive with the pitch you are been sold on. Investing based on “tips” without doing enough research is the number one reason why new investors lose money.  Always check the facts.

Then  there’s Facebook and Twitter that have taken center stage. Social media, as unreliable as it is, has become the number one source of information for billions across the world and for the anonymity it provides, has made it so easy for malicious people to infiltrate it with untruths and libelous statements.

So many people have made wrong decisions based on who they met on the internet;  ‘catfished’ by the con-artist posing as something he is not, or the desperately lonely girl pretending to be the woman of your dreams.

Only a fool hears a matter without checking the facts. Check the facts.





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