On Writing


writeWhile I do not claim to be an expert, I am convivial about writing; so much that it has  been one of my life’s love since I was 10 years old.

As with many of the ambitions of our young selves, I let it slip through the cracks of living, getting into college, graduating, finding a job, marrying a beautiful woman…before moving on to start a business that didn’t do so well and eventually leaving me disillusioned about my self-worth. Losing that business was like losing an arm in a forced armputation. If I didn’t let it go, it might have ended up killing me.

Then, writing came back  like an old friend that never really  left. She showed me my worth each time someone praised a script or letter I had written. The impressions it left on others made me reflect many times. What sense  she gave…that I could make a difference with my thoughts penciled on a piece of paper.

And then, I wrote a book which to my disappointment, didn’t sell as fast as I had anticipated. I learnt that writing a book wasn’t enough… and that promoting it was everything in the world we live in today.

In the process, I began giving away my books and -as if to say it was what was the final piece,  the next thing that happened wowed me. Sales picked up, speaking engagements piled and the publishing deal finally came.

Writing-faithful in everyway -had made me who I was in my heart. She had given me what I didn’t have. And in the end, she had brought very influential people into my life.

Maybe your gift isn’t writing like me-but playing soccer…or even sewing clothes. Maybe the deftness with which you communicate, make others laugh or draw is it for you. The point is: You have something! Be diligent with what you have and it will stand you out some day.

In my tribute to the craft and writers alike, I would say matter-of-factly: Writing (the art form) is a lot of writing (the work)

Have fun,



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